COVID-19 Update


From 23 September 2022, quarantine-free travel to Bhutan is possible for all visitors. We hope to see you soon!


We believe that this crisis has shown us what wellness is really about: it demands us to pause, reflect, and reset. We see a more intense focus on essentials such as family, human values, ‘slow’ living, back to nature, and healthy food. We know that we human beings have an irrepressible desire to explore, to travel, and to feel free, no virus will prevent that. But we will be looking for different and more meaningful experiences; “What is my real dream destination?, Where can I make a profound social impact?, How sustainable is my traveling? How can I make a real change in my life?”.


From the beginning, the Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary has been about more than just a 5-star luxury resort or an all-inclusive concept. Our focus has always been on the well-being of our guests, the complete picture; not just healthy food, a nice massage, or a good work-out. Every aspect of the Sanctuary is focused on finding the balance between body, mind, and spirit; from the architecture of the buildings, the location of the beds, the locally handmade soaps, the welcoming ritual, the personal consultation with our traditional medicine doctors, the healthy morning shots, hot stone herbal baths, our organic gardens, private balconies, apple orchard and tea bar to our dedicated, committed and dear team members.
We meet your needs: we aim to create a lasting positive change in your daily life.


At the Sanctuary we already practiced high hygiene, sanitation, and cleaning standards, of course, these have now been upgraded in line with the international guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Spa Association (ISPA). Besides new hygiene and sanitation regulations, we have also reorganized the public areas in the Sanctuary to be able to apply the physical distancing recommendations. We use this time to train and educate our team on the new regulations, so they are safe, healthy, and confident, ready to welcome you back and provide you with a safe and healthy environment.


We understand that due to the current situation your travel plans can change. We have revised our policies for bookings and stays in 2022 & 2023:
· Cancellation is possible up to 14 days before arrival. Clients can request a 100% refund.
· Cancellations made less than 14 days before arrival will incur the full charge.
· Postponement is possible up to 7 days before arrival, with no charge. Rates will be adjusted according to the new arrival dates.
· Postponements made less than 7 days before arrival, will incur a charge of 10% of the full amount. Rates will be adjusted according to the new arrival dates.