On a daily basis, guests can enjoy the dining-inclusive concept. The very skilled kitchen team is eager to surprise guests with healthy and tasty breakfasts, 4-course lunches and 6-course dinners whereby a variety of Bhutanese, Western and Indian dishes are served, all in due respect of the guest’s diet or personal preferences. Guests can enjoy their meals at the time and location of their preference.

The Sanctuary has his own greenhouse, vegetable- and herb-garden and uses as many local products as possible. During season we enjoy juicy apples (and tasty apple pie) from the apple orchard. Upon request, the Executive Chef takes guests for a tour through the gardens and explains about the traditional Bhutanese cuisine and ingredients.

The Restaurant

The Sanctuary’s restaurant is subtly divided by a big “social table”, where guests can engage with each other or interesting Bhutanese people that are invited for dinner. Smaller tables and the tea bar flank this central area, and the grand double staircase does extra duty as a stage for music performances and storytelling. The floor-to-ceiling windows give view to the terrace with fireplace making the dining experience even more special.

The Sanctuary has a very dedicated and passionate kitchen team, led by an internationally trained Bhutanese Executive Chef, who is praised as one of the best in Bhutan by guests. The element of hospitality extends to the open kitchen, where the skilled kitchen team can be seen at work.