A company’s responsibility goes beyond just making profit. The concept of social responsibility has evolved from the understanding that a company should look after not only its investors and customers but also its employees, the local community, the environment, and the larger society.


The Restful Mind philosophy, based on the teachings of His Eminence Gyalwa Dokhampa, is infused in the daily life at the Sanctuary. We think and act consciously, in our daily work and interactions, with each other and our guests. We realize we all are part of, and responsible for, the well-being of all that and those who surround us.


Employment creation
Our team consists of about 70 people, of which more than 95% are Bhutanese. All middle-management positions are fulfilled by Bhutanese people.
Skills development
We invest in our team members with continuous on-site training. After a certain time of employment, team members become eligible for off-site training and/or studies to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge
Economic rights
All team members receive a legal contract with a job description upon employment. We pay our team members a more than average salary, cover health insurance and contribute to a provident fund that people receive when they end their employment with us.
Family approach
We consider our team our family, and we take care like-wise.


Income creation
As much as possible, we purchase local produce for our culinary offer. We also have a boutique store that sells locally made goods such as jewelry, clothing, bags, and small gifts. In the entire Sanctuary, we display the artwork of local artists. We actively encourage our guests to visit art galleries, shops, and innovative local initiatives such as a local beer brewery or a cordyceps tasting event and inform them about the possibility to meet local dancers, writers, teachers, journalists or visit a farmer family at their home.


Create respectfully
The Sanctuary is built as a Bhutanese fortress and blends into its natural surroundings. The local monastery was requested for advice on how the building should be constructed and rooms situated to provide the best atmosphere for our team members and guests. Minimal interventions have taken place to the natural environment of the Sanctuary.
Integrate spirituality
The main religion of Bhutan is Buddhism. In the Sanctuary you will find a lot of small and larger symbols that refer to Buddhism. One of the most prominent ones is our special ritual in the transformation room that all guests pass before entering the true Sanctuary.
Traditional Bhutanese Medicine
The Sanctuary is specialized in Traditional Bhutanese Medicine. After arrival, we invite guests to benefit from a private consultation with our in-house Traditional Medicine Doctors. The Doctors have completed a 5-year study at the Faculty of Traditional Medicine in Thimphu. The Doctors provide guests with a wellness program to achieve a healthy balance between body, mind, and spirit.
Healing herbs
In the Wellness lounge, we have a collection of more than 60 original Bhutanese herbs, which the Doctors use for the Himalayan plant- and herb-based treatments and therapies. Upon interest, our doctors take guests for a herbal walk around the Sanctuary to point out and teach about the benefits of the herbs.


We reduce, reuse, and recycle waste and operate under a no-plastic policy for our guests' rooms. Our Culinary team has specialized in portion size management, reducing food waste to a minimum.
As much as possible, we grow our organic food (on-site food production) or purchase local goods (farm-to-table concept). The produce in our gardens and greenhouse are treated and grown organically, and we have on-site composting facilities.
Energy & water
We monitor our fuel, electricity, and water consumption, and use water and energy-efficient equipment where possible.